Best Anti Adblock Script For Blogger [Increase AdSense Earning]

Best Anti Adblock Script For Blogger [Increase AdSense Earning]

Consider setting up the best Google AdSense landing page for your website. It is best if the webpage is as powerful as possible. If your site is not a substantial enough enterprise, you could hire a web developer or designer to do that for you.

Google will list all the AdSense landing pages on its AdSense website, including those of individual advertisers and website owners. Think about all the keywords you intend to rank for on your website, then calculate how many times each of these keywords is used on your website.

Subtract these times from 100 and you will have the number of times each keyword is currently indexed on Google. If you spend several weeks writing an informative and educational blog post, for example, and Google indexes your post and shows it in the News Feed of people who click on your blog, you should be confident in predicting how many visitors will click on the ad.

Copy the code: 

Add this just above the </head> in your Blogger website/blog. 


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