FlexClip Overview - Create Videos For Your Business Quickly Online
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FlexClip Overview - Create Videos For Your Business Quickly Online

Thousands of users today want or need professional videos for their business. And for that, the handling of a video editor should be as simple as possible. There are several professional tools on the market. However, they do require a few hours of learning and trying. Therefore, the task of producing videos is not so simple.

FlexClip Overview
However, nowadays there are tools on the market such as the FlexClip platform. This tool comes as an all-in-one utility for content creators. The platform offers videos, movies and slide shows in minutes.
As a true online video editor, it offers many easy-to-use predefined features. And the coolest thing, it's all very intuitive. After all, we all know the need we have today to publish videos, don't we?

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We no longer necessarily need our infrastructure to upload videos to the Internet. So, to record video, a smartphone or the portable camera. It is much more accessible and technically better than the cameras of a few years ago. However, the same goes for the editing or editing process. All you need is a FlexClip video creator.

What is Flexclip?

The FlexClip website is a creator of ready-made short videos. It is very practical and intuitive. It helps you develop very professional videos in minutes. It comes with several useful editing tools, images, videos and music for your productions. Therefore, anyone can complete their work in a few steps.

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The tool easily converts short photos and videos into professional presentations with its intuitive slideshow creator. It also transfers videos in different formats such as MOV, WEBM, M4V and MP4, easily. Then cut and view in real-time, edit videos and photos by dragging and dropping on the clipboard. It's pretty easy! They can also be saved and exported at up to 1080px resolution. So it can be shared on social networks.

Key Features of FlexClip

Among its most important features are:
  1. It is free (it also contains paid plans);
  2. Storyboard: you can edit photos, clips and music with ease thanks to its clean and clear storyboard ;
  3. Basic tools: it has the necessary resources to carry out professional work, but direct video editing. For example, you will find clipping, division, text, narration, music, watermark and others;
  4. Various formats: photo and video are supported;
  5. Simple interface: the interface is easy to understand, so you can edit videos without needing previous experience in other programs;
  6. Text animations: you can add animated text, edit and view them to make a sophisticated video;
  7. Preview: you can preview your video in real-time so you can make corrections without any problems;
  8. High-resolution downloads: you can download your video in Full HD 1080p, with excellent image quality to use the video wherever you want;
  9. It also provides a timeline option if you want to start from scratch.
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How to use Flexclip

What do I need to create videos?
Here is a simple guideline:
Sign up: Register a free account with your email, Facebook or Google account.
Upload: Upload your photos or videos from your computer or mobile device.
Personalize: you can add elements like music, text, narration and whatever else you need to make your clip look perfect.
Download: Download your video in various proportions or share it online with your friends.

FlexClip Pricing And Discount Offer

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Whether you want to make professional business videos or personal videos to share. Be with family, friends and customers. Then the FlexClip video maker simplifies the process with its ease of use and versatility. Because regardless of skill level, and turn your creativity into great videos with FlexClip.
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