How To Start Freelancing In Digital Marketing Field?

How To Start Freelancing In Digital Marketing Field?

How To Start Freelancing In Digital Marketing Field?

I will tell you how to do freelancing in digital marketing. I will share with you 5 tips and if you like this article then share this article and hit the bell icon. So hey, I am Vishal Jasiwal. I am passionate about digital marketing and I am a Digital Marketing Consultant. 

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Now often the starting question you will have is should you go for a full-time job or should you go for freelancing?

Now you may feel secure in a full-time job because you get a fixed salary and other perks, whereas you have to struggle to get clients in freelancing.

Now many times, people in jobs become complacent because they don't feel challenges every day and hence they are not motivated to keep themselves updated with market trends.

Whereas in Freelancing, you have to be on your toes all the time because if you do not update yourself, you will be out of the market soon but if you are serious and if you work consistently and update yourself with the market and win clients, then freelancing career is fruitful.

Now once you've decided to get into freelancing, the question is how to make a success out of it. Now getting into Freelancing is not that tough,  provided you have the required skills.

Now Freelancing opportunities have been growing in India because the COVID situation has given rise to the Gig economy.

Now here are my five tips to get into Freelancing:

1. Select your niche

So guys don't be the jack of all trades! Start by learning one or two skills, specialize in them,  try to master those skills. Now if you are a specialist in one or two skills,  you will get more opportunities as you will be known for that niche.

2. Create an Online Portfolio

Now creating an online portfolio is like your online resume for the clients! So you can create an online portfolio on your website. Now if you do not have a website, you can post it on your social media or you can create a portfolio on any freelancer website. So your online portfolio will help you get more clients.

3. Freelancing Websites

Now there are so many freelancing websites which are available from where you can get work. So you can register yourself on sites like Fiverr, Upwork,,  Freelancer. So you can write on these websites, and you have to do bidding to get the work.  Now, these websites will help you get the work from across the globe and you don't need to worry about the payment part because these platforms are authentic and they assure you of your payment after deducting their commission as their business is dependent on your business.

4. Reach out to your contacts

Now guys once you start your freelancing work,  it's better to take free or small projects from known individuals. So it will help you create your own portfolio, and later on, you can pitch that work to clients for a new business or you can start your work at a lesser price initially.

5. Collaboration

So guys, collaborate, team up with other like-minded freelancers. Suppose you are getting a  project for a website, but you are a social media specialist, now because you have collaborated, so you can still participate in the project and you can get exposure. You can build your confidence.

So guys, if you share this article, and tell me if you're already doing freelancing, what is your experience?  What challenges you are facing? Tell below in the comment box. Thank you for reading guys!
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