All About Berlin Character in Money Heist

All About Berlin Character in Money Heist

Berlin in Money Heist

Good or Bad Character: 

In any show, we choose good or bad characters depending on our own mortality. The way we are, the way we understand, the same way we have the definition of good and bad.

In film who we find good or bad, on whose side we want to stand by, and whom we want to be against is mostly influenced by our life experiences.

But the most beautiful thing about the film is that it's never happened in reality and will never happen.

This means the thing which exists only in our imagination, which is a mere idea.

In such cases, the joy is in stepping out of our principles and watching and we also should see.

Even if the story is of a murderer and is told to us completely,  we should get emotional for him too and many times we do get emotional, we see films so that we can step out of our shoes and stand in other's situations and see them, feel them.

Negative Character Role:

Joker Painting

Who doesn't like to see a ruckus on the TV screen from the safe surroundings of their four walls? that's why we celebrate Joker, believe in Kira, and think if Thanos existed and often we remember these types of characters, the film has ended a long time ago but still, these characters don't come out of us.

Whatever is good or bad in all respects ends with the film itself at a personal level, nothing much remains to know about them

But those whom we have doubts about, on those our understanding remains incomplete, whose behaviour we can't figure out We want to know more about such people.

In Money Heist, Berlin was something like that. By the way, the whole group was an outcast.

Outcast means people without whom the so-called society would be better

But in this show, it is shown that there is not much difference between robbers and cops.

The people who are in favour of society after a certain amount of time, only care about their reputation and just want validation of catching the bad guys.

These people are acting as selfishly as the professor's group.

And this is the thing Professor wants to bring forth among people.

He wanted to show that law is not only broken by criminals but also by those people who ensure law enforcement and if we see their crimes then offences in the name of common people will seem minor.

And it is not a film dialogue. It's reality.

One more thing important for the professor was the security of the group and their life

Professor Character in Money Heist: 

Professor Character in Money Heist

For Professor every life was precious. Whether it be of group or hostage, or anyone.

The professor was not a violent man or a killer.

In fact, he believed that if all things go according to the plan, all will get out safe too.

But Berlin was with the consideration that death of one or two is natural.

He was not like the professor, for him thrill was important. He wanted to enjoy.

For him life was not a big deal, He wanted to live life at the edge.

He used to see beauty in risk and aesthetic in theft.

He used to tell the plan of theft as if it's a big spectacle.

As if there should be an audience for this, like his work should be celebrated.

Berlin used to live in his own mind. He had his own definition of things and regarding life.

But sometimes it was difficult to say, that is his philosophy or delusion.

Berlin looks quite impressive at first sight, the way he speaks, his attitude feels very different and intimidating, looks mysterious. Looks like this man can be a good leader.

But sometimes he behaves like a creep too, as we start to feel good about him he does something now and then that we feel staying away from him will be better. We feel conflicted.

A duality arises in our mind for him as to what type of person he is? Because in some sense, he was reasonable. He's not mad right away.

He was not a full-blown monster.

In fact, in the heist, he was the only one who kept his understanding intact.

He was the most rational of all.

And a lot of human side of his is also shown. A middle-aged man who has got a few days to live and even in those few days, he wanted to live freely, fully chilled, without taking any load.

He had his own principles, which establishes his humanity even more.

But to what extent his principles are for making impression on people and how much he adheres to it is quite confusing.

I am not saying that the allegations that were made by the police were right. Of course, he was not a pimp, nor was he involved in the case of children.

But it's not that he didn't know that what he is doing with Ariadna is wrong.

But the situation was like that, this was all taking place in a setting where he could have told, his actions do not conflict with his principles.

The way he wanted to portray himself in front of the world was intact.

Personally, I don't think anyone would like to live next to him and it is not safe too.

Tokyo Money Heist

But he was the most essential in that Robbery as a team member

As his nature, he was the right choice for leadership, the way he keeps his mind cool and works consciously is just the opposite of Tokyo.

Berlin was not impulsive and not being impulsive is also a sign of intelligence.

Not acting on our impulses is not easy.

Speaking about management, Berlin is with authoritarian mindset.

The plan was his guiding light, not his feeling.

It will be as planned. Zero tolerance for improvisation.

He couldn't tolerate at all if anyone went astray.

That's why when Denver takes Moscow on the roof, Berlin had to be kept still at gunpoint.

In fact, Tokyo had almost killed him, yet he does not speak up about the plan Chernobyl.

Berlin had total trust in the plan because he had total trust in the professor.

But the interesting thing is that the person for whom it is very important that he has a good impression on the people

He who wants to maintain his aura among the people one who is too much control in nature.

When everyone bends him, his ego does not get hurt.

There is no look of disdain on his face, he is not irritated.

Berlin was the most dedicated and clear-headed in the entire group.

By the way, everyone used to call the professor the voice of reason and he was.

But the professor also made the same mistake he used to advise everybody with.

Berlin was unaffected by these things. He was married five times.

In his words, Five times he believed in love.

He was not the prisoner of love.

Now the one who has come to believe in love so many times could be anything but a captive in love.

Berlin was cold-hearted. His priorities were clear. He knows what he want's from his life clearly. He was not confused.

In comparison to others, he had very little to lose.

Any leader who has very little to lose can be dangerous too.

He can risk others' lives.

The ease with which he tells Denver to kill Monica when not killing hostages was so important to the mission

The way he sticks to plan even at the cost of someone's death proves Nairobi was right about him.

Maybe Berlin in that place was a robber first and a human afterwards.

And whenever Berlin gets out of control and becomes a danger to others then Nairobi puts him in place.

Nairobi and Berlin: 

Nairobi and Berlin have their own chemistry in the show.

There is no romantic bonding between them nor friendship usually, they are holding guns at each other

But both of them had a commitment towards one thing, The Plan.

At a personal level, they are different, in fact, they are opposite.

Berlin was authoritarian, controlling while Nairobi is compassionate and collaborative in nature.

Berlin gets the work done by scaring people while Nairobi encourages.

When Berlin freaks out, Nairobi takes over him.

Same way when Nairobi gets caught in her feelings, Berlin takes charge of her.

They balance each other.

That's why Nairobi is present at the end of Berlin. To convince him to walk with everybody.

That's what she was doing from start, taking the group together and moving forward.

But Berlin also remains adamant as he was, this time he was trying something of his own other than the plan.

He was improvising by putting his life at risk for the rest.

But in this heroic moment too, Berlin is not able to atone completely.

Here also his character gets stained.

A duality arises in our minds for him.

The way he forcefully keeps Ariadna with him and risks her life.

Perhaps he might have done with a feeling of revenge.

When Nairobi tells him about the thought of Ariadna, Berlin feels too bad.

Not because he gets to know then what he was doing but on the principles with which he was portraying himself to the world, now its hollowness was seen by the people. There is an exposure now.

This is the difference between shame and guilt. Guilt is a private emotion.

You can feel guilty on your own when you realize your mistake.

It is not necessary that only when people point a finger at you then you realize your mistake.

But for shame, there should be a presence of someone. Someone has to see.

We fall in our sight only when we fall in the eyes of others.

Shame demands the presence of someone.

If someone prints out your last month's internet search history and send it to your friend or someone, then you will feel very embarrassed.

But it's not necessary that you felt guilty when searching for those things

Berlin was also not guilty but now that everything was in front of people

So the influence that he thought he had on people was fading away.

He feels belittled.

So the question arises.

Was the Death of Berlin a sacrifice to save his brother and other team members, or, was it also an easy way to avoid the embarrassment of his character?

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