How to Blur Any Image Using Paint.NET?

Know here to blur any image or photos for thumbnail background or banner by using Paint.NET software. I Hope, this method will help you a lot.

Blur Image through Paint.NET

You need to follow this instruction:

Step 1: Install Paint.NET software.

Step 2: Open your image of the photo with Paint.NET.


Step 3: Go to the Effect section in the tab bar.


Step 4: Select the Blurs option.


Step 5: Now choose the Surface Blur option.


Step 6: After that these options will appear on your screen.


Step 7: Now, set the Radius level at 10 and the Threshold level at 100.


Step 8: After that click on OK.


Step 9: Now this is your output.


How to Blur Any Image Using Paint.NET software?

I hope this method will help you to make a blur image and photos. For more information. Please, write below in comment box. Thank you!

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