Adding a breadcrumb schema script code to your website can be a great way to improve its usability and help your visitors find their way around. A breadcrumb is a row of links that typically appears at the top of a web page, just below the page title. Each link in a breadcrumb trail represents a step in the user’s journey through your site.

Benefits of using breadcrumb schema on your website:

Breadcrumb Schema Script Code

Adding breadcrumb schema to your website is relatively easy and can be done with just a few lines of code. Breadcrumb schema is a type of structured data that tells search engines where a particular page is located in the hierarchy of your website. By adding breadcrumb schema to your pages, you can help search engines understand the structure of your site and provide your visitors with an easier way to navigate it.

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Here’s an example of how to add breadcrumb schema to a page:

Please add this code after the <head> tag on your website.

<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "", 
  "@type": "BreadcrumbList", 
  "itemListElement": [{
    "@type": "ListItem", 
    "position": 1, 
    "name": "Page One",
    "item": ""  
    "@type": "ListItem", 
    "position": 2, 
    "name": "Page Two",
    "item": ""  
    "@type": "ListItem", 
    "position": 3, 
    "name": "Page Three",
    "item": ""  

Breadcrumb Schema Script Code: Replace all the yellow marked page titles and links with your page titles and links.

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