How do I bulk delete all posts in WordPress? [Easiest Way]

How do I bulk delete all posts in WordPress? [Easiest Way]

Sometimes we make such mistakes on our WordPress website, due to which we have to delete all the posts. If we go to delete those posts one by one, then we may have spent too much time. But today I will tell you one such method, with the help of which you can delete all the posts within 1 minute.

Follow the instructions to delete WordPress posts:

As you can see that there are 198 posts.


Step 1: Go to the plugin section and click on “Add New”.


Step 2: Find “Bulk Delete” or click here to visit on the plugin. Install the plugin.


Step 3: Find the “Bulk WP” tab on the left side of the dashboard and click on “Bulk Delete Posts”


Step 4: Select all the check box and radio button as given below in the image. After that click on “Bulk Delete” button.


Step 5: Now you can see that all the 198 posts are deleted successfully.


Step 6: You can also check the “Posts” section on the dashboard.


Hope, this tutorial will help you to delete your all WordPress posts within a minute.

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