About Soundraw:

Soundraw is an AI-powered music generator that allows users to create customized, royalty-free music tracks for their projects in just minutes. It utilizes advanced algorithms to generate original compositions based on specified mood, genre, theme, length, tempo, and instruments.

Key Features

– Intuitive interface for selecting musical parameters and generating songs
– Ability to generate multiple variations of a song to choose from
– Editing capabilities to customize songs by modifying different sections
– “Pro mode” for more advanced editing like adjusting specific instruments
– Preview music with videos to test song fit
– Download high-quality WAV files up to 50 per day for commercial use
– Free plan allows unlimited song generation and customization

How It Works

The user selects a starting mood/genre/theme or jumps right into the editor. They can iterate by changing parameters to generate more songs. Once they choose a song, they can edit different sections by removing or adjusting instrument blocks. The Pro mode offers more advanced controls.


Users have commercial rights if music is background/not the main focus or if they significantly modify the song. Modifications need 60% new sounds and the song must sound clearly different.

With its simple interface and advanced editing features, Soundraw makes AI-generated music accessible. It’s affordable and offers a free plan, allowing anyone to create quality custom tracks easily.

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