DNS Checker

DNS Lookup Online Tool:

DNS Lookup Tool: It helps to know the A Records, AAAA Records, CNAMEs, TXT Records & Nameservers of any domain.

Types of Records in DNS:

  • A Record: An A record in DNS translates a domain name (like [www.webdeskart.com]) into an IP address (like a house address for the website).
  • AAAA Record: In DNS, AAAA records act like an address book for websites. They connect a domain name (like www.webdeskart.com) to an IPv6 address, which is a unique identifier for websites under the newer internet protocol. This helps devices find websites when IPv6 is used.
  • CNAME Record:  CNAME records in DNS are like nicknames for domains. They point a subdomain (e.g., www in www.example.com) to another domain’s name (e.g., example.com) instead of an IP address. This simplifies managing domains and ensures everyone reaches the same content.
  • TXT Record: This lets you store extra information about your website, like verification codes for email or security purposes.
  • Nameservers:  Nameserver (NS) records in DNS act like directory services. They tell the internet which computers (nameservers) hold the actual records (like A records) for a domain name. These nameservers contain the info that translates domain names to IP addresses, allowing users to access websites.
  • MX Record: MX records in DNS are the post office for your domain’s email. They direct incoming emails to the correct mail server by specifying which server (with a priority ranking) is responsible for receiving emails sent to your domain (like [email]@[domain.com]).
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