Words Counter

Online Words Counter Tool:

Words Counter is a useful online tool that can check the number of words, characters, sentences, sections, and more in a given content. Designed by Mechanical Site, it is a fast web app that analyses text material in seconds; this aspect makes it useful for writers, students, researchers, marketers, and those who work with texts.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Word count - Precisely counts all words in a text content. Useful in observing word limitations when writing articles, essays or on assignments.
  • Character count - Counts the total number of characters including spaces. This helps people to optimize their social media posts or other marketing contents.
  • Sentence count - Sums up all sentences present in a text document.. This activity enhances writing as well as making sentences more precise.
  • Paragraph count -┬áThe program calculates total paragraphs. It assists one to structure his/her write-up and review paragraph size.
  • Instant results -┬átyping or pasting in some written materials will automatically show its statistics such as how many words are there including those remaining untyped.
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