About Opera:

Opera is a freeware web browser developed by Opera Software. It first emerged in 1995 and pioneered many features that later became mainstream in other browsers.

Key features and characteristics:

  • Speed Dial – Allows users to quickly open frequently-visited sites from a visual dashboard. Sites can be pinned to Speed Dial for easy one-click access.
  • TabBED browsing – Opera was one of the first browsers to introduce tabbed browsing, allowing users to open multiple web pages in a single window.
  • Data compression – Opera mini uses data compression to reduce bandwidth usage by up to 90%, helping users save data costs.
  • Ad blocking – Built-in ad blocking allows users to browse without annoying ads. Blocker can be turned on or off.
  • Privacy protection – Opera has functions like a free VPN to encrypt connections and mask IP address and location. It also blocks harmful trackers and scripts.
  • Syncing – Users can sync bookmarks, speed dials, passwords, and other data across devices logged into the same Opera account.
  • Convenient features – Opera has a built-in currency converter, units converter, and support for extensions that add more features.
  • Cross-platform availability – Opera browser is available across platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • Visual themes – Users can customize Opera’s look and feel with light and dark modes, accent colors, and themes.

While not as widely used as Chrome or Safari, Opera has a loyal user base that values its speed, convenience, and privacy-focused features. Its data compression mode makes it appealing for regions with expensive data plans.

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