About Safari:

Safari is a graphical web browser developed by Apple based on the WebKit engine. It is the default browser on Apple devices including iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.

Key features and characteristics:

  • Native Apple integration – As Apple’s own browser, it is deeply integrated with macOS and iOS. iCloud tabs, Apple Pay, and other Apple services work seamlessly in Safari.
  • Energy efficient – Safari is designed to conserve battery life on Apple devices. It suspends unused tabs and optimizes website loading to reduce energy usage.
  • Privacy features – Safari blocks pop-up ads and prevents cross-site tracking by default to protect user privacy. Newer versions have Intelligent Tracking Prevention which uses machine learning to identify and stop trackers.
  • Reader view – This feature strips away ads and clutter to show a clean, reader-friendly version of web articles.
  • Keychain passwords – Safari saves passwords encrypted in the Keychain and automatically fills in login credentials when revisiting sites.
  • iCloud Tabs – Users can see open tabs that are open on other Apple devices logged into the same iCloud account. Tabs can be opened from one device to another.
  • Built-in translation – Safari can translate websites between 7 languages without needing a separate translation site.
  • Extensions – Safari allows extensions that can block ads, manage passwords, and enhance productivity and customization.
  • Security – Apple issues regular security updates to patch vulnerabilities and keep Safari secure.

While it may not have as many extensibility options as other browsers, Safari is fast, power-efficient, and easy to use for those in the Apple ecosystem. Its deep OS integration makes many daily tasks seamless.

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