About HandBrake:

HandBrake is free, open-source software for converting video files. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

HandBrake can convert video from nearly any format to popular modern formats. It has preset options to quickly optimize videos for different devices. You can also tweak advanced settings for more control.

HandBrake can process most common media files, DVDs, and BluRays that are not copy-protected.

It can output MP4, MKV, and WebM file formats. It supports various video codecs like H.264, H.265, VP9, etc. Audio can be encoded to AAC, MP3, AC3, etc. It can also pass through existing audio tracks.

Other features:

  • Select video titles, chapters, and ranges to convert
  • Batch scan and queue encodes
  • Add chapter markers
  • Add subtitles
  • Constant quality or average bitrate video encoding
  • Support for variable and constant frame rates
  • Video filters like deinterlacing, denoising, cropping, etc.
  • Live video preview

Most of HandBrake’s code is covered by the GNU General Public License. Some portions use the BSD 3 Clause license.

In summary, HandBrake is a free, versatile video conversion tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It supports many formats and has advanced options for control over output quality and file size. The open source code is covered by GNU and BSD licenses.