About Mass Image Compressor:

Mass Image Compressor is an easy to use tool for compressing and converting images. It is good for website creators, photographers, game makers, and casual computer users.

The tool greatly reduces the size of images by changing their dimensions and quality. It can reduce image size by more than 90%. All the images in a folder, including subfolders, can be compressed with one click.

Compressing images for websites, email, or mobile devices has never been so easy! The tool keeps all the original image metadata (EXIF tags).

Key Features

  • Massively reduces image size by changing dimensions and quality
  • Compress all folder images with one click
  • Can compress images in subfolders too
  • Keeps original image metadata
  • Very fast and good quality compression
  • Supports RAW camera file formats
  • Can filter by image size
  • Improved algorithms for resizing and compression
  • Saves JPEG files for faster webpage loading

In summary, this easy-to-use tool greatly reduces image sizes for websites, emails, and mobile devices while retaining image metadata and quality. Key features include one-click operation, compression of subfolders, and support for various file types and algorithms.