About CodeWP:

CodeWP (WPAI, Inc.) is the leading AI research and product company focused entirely on WordPress.

Founded in November 2022 by a team of WordPress experts, developers, and AI researchers, CodeWP creates AI-powered solutions that make WordPress easier for creators worldwide.

The company’s flagship product is Claude – an AI assistant that provides code completion, research, learning, security, and more to almost 50,000 WordPress users every month. Claude leverages large language models like GPT-3 and Codex to solve real problems for the WordPress community.

As a public benefit corporation and social impact startup, CodeWP aims to democratize access to AI for WordPress creators from all backgrounds. The company contributes actively to WP core, sponsors events, and collaborates with community leaders to advance WordPress through emerging technologies.

Everything CodeWP builds is open source and driven by the diverse WordPress community. The company is pioneering the responsible and inclusive use of natural language AI to empower millions of creators building on the web’s most popular CMS.

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