About VoiceMaker:

VoiceMaker, founded in Pune, India in 2020, is an artificial intelligence-powered speech synthesis web tool. VoiceMaker text-to-speech technology converts text into astonishingly human-sounding vocalizations. The Voicemaker platform makes voiceover creation easy – just type what you want said into the interface and it generates professional quality audio on demand. Users have fine-grained control over the vocal characteristics, like pitch, pace, volume, emphasis, pauses, effects, and more, to customize the delivery.

VoiceMaker leverages advanced deep-learning models to clone voices that sound just like real people. By providing just a few sample sentences, unique voice avatars can be created for chatbots, virtual assistants, audiobook narrations, eLearning courses, and more applications.

The platform supports voice cloning in over 40 languages and accents to suit different needs. VoiceMaker also offers developer APIs for easy integration with third-party apps and workflows.

Key features include:

  • Neural AI voice cloning engines
  • Custom voice creation starting at $99
  • SSML support for advanced speech synthesis
  • Voice styles and effects
  • Monthly subscription plans
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Commercial usage rights
  • Dedicated customer support

The mission of VoiceMaker, an AI-first firm, is to enable universal access to human-like speech at a reasonable cost. The business keeps coming up with new ideas and pushing the limits of voice synthesis technology.

VoiceMaker gives you the tools to rapidly and easily integrate real-time voice features into your next project.

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